Matahari hand pan

Gratitune Tongue Drum

Make/Model: Gratitune Tongue Drum Location of Manufacture: Colorado, USA Dimensions: Roughly 13" wide and 6" tall Features: Does NOT include any stand or holder Condition: In overall great shape with some minor scratches and blemishes from normal use (see photos). We cannot guarantee that the drum is perfectly intune, but it sounds and plays great! Everything pictured is included and is ready to be professionally packed and shipped. sold as is


Hand Pan by Bali Steel- Aki-Bono in the key of D

Ble Steel The newest model of handpan from Bali Steel. The center D has a double dimple for more stability and sustain. -Sold as is


Bali Steel Hand Pan in the key of D Major

Bali Steel Hand Pan in the key of D Major


Brass Tingshaw Meditation Bell Chimes

Brass tingshaw ,makes a beautiful sound. sold as is. photo image may not be the same model. please inquire.


Ludwig Standard 18″ Cymbal

Ludwig Standard 18" Cymbal


Musser M41 2.5 Octave Kelon Xylophone

Musser M41 2.5 Octave Kelon xylophone . Comes in hard case . comes One pair of mallets included. sold as is.


Handmade 9″ Quartz Crystal “Singing” Rainbow Pyramid Rainbow Quartz Crystal

9” Quartz Crystal Singing Rainbow Pyramid. Quartz Crystal “Singing” Pyramids, when played, send out waves that impact the body with harmonious and relaxing healing Each Crystal Pyramid is hand made with pure quartz crystal –made in China based on the original invention from Dieter Schrade, Germany. The dimensions of each pyramid are scaled to the same dimensions as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt. Crystal Pyramids are easy to hold or hang on a hook. On top of the pyramid is a small quartz circle holding the leather cord to hang or hold the pyramid for playing it. Crystal wand included. sold as is


8 ” Frosted Chakra-Tuned in G “singing” quartz crystal bowl Frosted quartz crystal

Beautiful 8 “ chakra-tuned singing quartz crystal bowl comes with wooden mallet ,o-ring and directions . Tuned in G-Throat Chakra


colored chakra-tuned singing bowl

colored chakra tuned singing bowl includes colored boxes cushions and mallets