I moved my store to a new location. I am now at 3294 NE 33rd Street, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, at the end of Oakland Park Blvd and A1A. It is half a block west of Blue Jean Blues Night Club and also two blocks from the beach with art galleries, over a dozen small restaurants, and some cool little shops.

The new store offers twice the retail space, as well as rehearsal and lesson rooms. I plan on having open mic nights and music on the sidewalk on Friday and Saturday nights. All in all, it’s a new life style for me and my store, and I look forward to helping all of the South Florida musicians with their amps, guitars, and keyboards, as well as doing musical instrument repairs and sales. I am looking for consignment guitars and amps. I also want to connect with all the local luthiers and have a common place to sell locally-made instruments.

More news to follow.


This was a song on a previous album. You probably are more familiar with the drum accompaniment at the beginning of the song. This is just the guitar part. Enjoy!

This is a new song called “Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder.” Words will come later.

I know I said I’d put music on everyday, but switching over an mp3 to a vh1 file out here on Pluto is kinda hard and takes a while.

So the title of this song is “How Many Lives Do I Get?” It’s very old music from Sarana and Paul Pritzlaff days, but I’ve redone it. It’s in regular tuning and it incorporates my harp guitar that’s midi towards the end. Don’t forget that this is one-take stuff looped. Hope you enjoy it!

I’ll try and come back soon as I figure out how to upload…


I’m going to start posting my music on my website. It’s time to bring out all the unpublished songs that I’ve done in various groups and formations. To start with, we’re going to have to go way out into space and slowly bring you back day by day. I’ve secured a bus that will be stopping at Sub Station 1 & 2. Don’t be late!

If anybody hears a tune that they want to play on, give me a ring and let’s work it out.

I hope everybody enjoys it!